We take pride in what we do and it shows.  Every vehicle that comes through our doors is treated as if we were going to be sending our loved ones on a long distance trip in that vehicle.  When we inspect a vehicle, not only do we look for issues that are currently apparent, we also look for trouble areas that may cause that vehicle to fail and leave a person stranded.  We think of our customers like family and would not want them stuck on the side of the road.  Be assured that we pay special attention to every vehicle that comes through our doors.


When vehicles come in for an oil change service, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected.  We inspect: lights, tires, tire pressure, air filter, transmission oil, power steering fluid, coolant, top off washer fluid, check suspension, ball joints, brakes, shocks, and struts.  In addition, we look at the maintenance history to ensure needed services have been performed or notify the vehicle owner when services are going to need to be performed.


We take pride in the fact that we can diagnose and repair vehicles that many other establishments have failed to.  We use the "Prove it three different ways method." When a vehicle comes in for an issue we perform specific tests in order to pinpoint what is going on with the vehicle.  We find that this method saves the customer time, headaches, and money.  When we diagnose a vehicle we stand behind our findings and guarantee that the repair will fix the issue at hand.